Butter Music and Sound Adds Bicoastal ECDs Tim Kvasnosky and Aaron Kolter

by / April 20, 2019 /

Santa Monica International music shop Butter Music and Sound has expanded its in-house creative offerings with the addition of two new Executive Creative Directors, with Tim Kvasnosky (pictured left) taking the helm in Los Angeles and Aaron Kotler (pictured right) in New York. The newly-appointed ECDs will maintain creative oversight on all projects going through the Los Angeles and New York offices, managing workflow across staff and freelance talen[Read More]

Bullitt Welcomes Director Geordie Stephens

by / April 18, 2019 /

Director Geordie Stephens has joined the Bullitt family of directors. His diverse body of work is defined by tapping simple human truths and unexpected situations to produce genuine emotion and comedic impact. The ongoing conversation between brand and viewer has been explored throughout Stephens’ career both on as a director and as an agency creative.

Raised by in an artistic community by radical parents, Geordie was a world-class gymnast[Read More]

This Week Marks 20 Years Since Columbine, New Social Film has Students Asking ‘Are We Next?’

by / April 18, 2019 /

Gun violence in schools remains one of the country's most devastating issues, even though 20 years have passed since Columbine. The New York Times stated this week that all researchers agree, "Columbine became a touchstone for some of this country's most unhinged." Creative agency BooneOakley partnered with Station Film and director Scott Corbett, and talked to students about the issue. Over and over again they heard one thing: students don't feel safe at school and are constantly wondering i[Read More]