Thinking Machine Welcomes Award-winning Director Kat Keene, who Joins from Caviar

by / March 3, 2023 /

Thinking Machine, the creative storytelling boutique founded by award-winning directors Matthew and Jason Docter, aka Docter Twins, has signed acclaimed filmmaker Kat Keene. Keene, who joins Thinking Machine from Caviar, has directed commercial films for brands such as Facebook, H&R Block, Verizon, Chick-fil-A, CVS and Lincoln which span the genres of sports, beauty and tech. Theyshare in common gripping stories, rich characters and worlds that res[Read More]

RSA Films Welcomes Director & Visual Artist Jared Malik Royal

by / February 28, 2023 /

Ridley Scott’s RSA Films has signed Jared Malik Royal for commercial representation. Royal’s body of work reflects an artful aesthetic and a voice that champions advocacy over complacency in the cultural moment. “We’re surrounded by a lot of negative things that are taking our attention away from what matters most,” Royal said during a recent interview on the filmmaking podcast, Musicbed. “In my work, I want to find beauty in the ugly.”

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Bray & Co Hires Eaon Pritchard as Chief Strategy Officer

by / February 22, 2023 /

Independent advertising agency Bray & Co announced the appointment of Eaon Pritchard as its new chief strategy officer.
Pritchard brings more than 25 years of experience in the industry to the team and will play a key role with all clients and in shaping the agency’s strategic vision and growth. Bray & Co is committed to delivering innovative and impactful advertising. With Pritchard on board, the agency deepens its [Read More]

A Punk-Rock Rebrand of One of the World’s Oldest Religions

by / February 21, 2023 /

A streetwear line resonates with young, lapsed Jews with sentiments like, “Unorthodox AF,” “I'll fast when I'm dead,” “Kvetch City, Bitch,” and “I Killed Kosher.”

An odd truth of Jewish culture is that, no matter how devout they are, every Jewish person thinks they’re a “bad Jew” by not being observant enough. But even those who haven’t been to synagogue in years have a deep—if not complicated—conne[Read More]


by / February 17, 2023 /

Racket Club’s evolution into bicoastal audio post powerhouse continues with the addition of two senior hires and new state-of-the-art studios in New York City’s Flatiron District and Culver City, Los Angeles. Award-winning composer Justin Hori will lead the West Coast team as Partner and Creative Director, and Mixer and Sound Designer Ashley Simmons will augment the New York team’s growing audio post offering. No longer a fledging music house, since i[Read More]