• Marvel’s Behind the Mask

    by / February 9, 2021 /

    From the very inception of comic books, secret identities have been an integral part of both super heroes and villains leading “normal” lives. But it’s the characters beneath that resonate within us across generations of fans. Since the advent of the Marvel Age of Comics in the early 1960s, Marvel’s writers and artists have used the notion of identities to examine the evolving concept of equal rights. Marvel’s documentary Behind the Mask will feature guests from across Marv[Read More]

  • Badger & Winters Launches #NoKidsinCages Campaign to End Family Separation

    by / June 25, 2019 /

    Badger & Winters, in support of the immigration nonprofit RAICES, launched a campaign in New York City last week with 24 art installations — models of “children” in cages — to draw attention to the incarceration of children at the US-Mexico border. The campaign demands renewed pressure on politicians to end the tragedy of family separation by passing the Keep Families Together Act. 

    The installations — placed in front of[Read More]

  • Donate to Planned Parenthood of New York City and Protect Our Freedom to F*ck

    by / July 12, 2018 /

    New Yorkers have more sex than any other Americans — according to surveys by condom brands — and Planned Parenthood wants that sex to be safe. That means providing access to contraceptives, prophylactics, sex education, wellness and preventive exams and STD treatment, all of which is available from PPNYC at low or no cost. The "Protect Our Freedom to F*ck" campaign from BBH, which asks people to donate to keep the services coming, is targeting millennials with its bold messaging. They're [Read More]