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Station Film welcomes award-winning filmmaker Kevin Bolger to the company for commercials. Renowned for realism in his work, Bolger’s commercials stand out for cinematic visuals and storytelling that is relatable for honest moments, big and small. His latest work for newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution features real people and actors in an ode to the modern city of Atlanta. Other highlights include campaigns for Toyota, Dove and Athleta, to note only a few.

“I instantly appreciated Kevin’s work, his talent for storytelling and great eye for visuals that distinctively combine photorealism and portraiture,” said Caroline Gibney, Founding Partner, Station Film. “He also has a really refreshing perspective about maximizing every opportunity to make something really special.”

Bolger has done just that with his “Create Your Way” anthem film for iconic hair styling brand Andis (2022), which features free spirited individuals the likes of Compton Cowboys along with well coiffed horses and dogs, in beautifully crafted vignettes; and his ADDY-winning “Dare to be You” for Utah Manufacturers Association (2017), portraying young people relishing a less traditional but equally fruitful path to their education with vocational training.

Bolger had Station on his radar after following a few directors on their roster on Instagram. “After I spoke to Caroline, Stephen and Michelle, I knew these were the people I wanted to work with. I even reached out to a few directors and DP’s, and everyone had lovely things to say. I jumped on the opportunity.”

“Kevin is a strong addition to our roster,” said Michelle Towse, Partner/Executive Producer, Station Film. “There is an earnestness to his work that people can relate to, which is both refreshing and very relevant for agencies and brands. He is also a filmmaker in the true sense, whose attention to craft shines through in all his work.”

Bolger hopes to parlay his sensibilities into more work that’s bold, high concept and touching. Brands like Airbnb and Disneyland come to mind, along with sports brands which adopt a more personal, emotional approach to their storytelling.

“A director’s job is to have taste and to be honest,” Bolger added. “We have to put our whole selves into these films. The only thing that can separate me from another artist is to be whole heartedly vulnerable with my writing and filmmaking.”


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