Verizon is Rewriting the Book on Home Internet in Latest Campaign via Madwell


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Verizon is rewriting the book on home internet—literally—with a new campaign from agency Madwell.

Madwell’s latest campaign for Verizon positions Verizon Home Internet as a welcomed choice for consumers who were not aware there was a better option out there and want fast and reliable internet without the surprises. 

Verizon is offering the service as low as $25 a month with no annual contracts, no hidden fees, no equipment charges or data caps. And the price is guaranteed for at least two years. The campaign aims to drive awareness of and demand for the service. 

“We discovered that consumers are hesitant to switch providers due to the time and effort required,” says Mau Galvan, creative director at Madwell, “and that there is also a perceived lack of choice, which further hinders switching, so we wanted to make clear that there is a choice. Because at the end you can try to endure living with your current internet provider, or you can switch to Verizon Home Internet and be happy.”

The agency’s newest work features amusing, completely fictional and dramatized book reviews based on the emotional pulls of dealing with the complications of one’s cable bill. The series includes three book genres: educational, thriller and romantic novel. 

In the first spot, “Persistent Enigma,” the review is for the fictional book, “Understanding Your Cable Bill.” A man’s deep voice suggests, “From one of the most renowned mathematicians of our time comes a new book that takes on one of the most persistent enigmas of our time—understanding your cable internet bill.” This drives home the point that it almost takes a genius to understand cable internet bills, but the voice of reason from Verizon offers a better alternative. “Or … if you prefer simplicity, switch to Verizon Home Internet. $25 a month, every month. Ditch cable today.”

In “The Other Charges,” we hear about a young couple struggling to uncover the secrets of their cable internet bill. “You want secrecy, uncertainty, drama,” the deep voice intones, “this book is for you.” Followed by “Or … if you prefer simplicity …” Once again, Verizon comes in to offer a simpler option.

“Unbridled Costs” is a tale of heartbreak at the hands of a cable internet provider. An alluring female voice introduces Lorena, a woman who has “a partner that comes with a high price.” This is followed again by a voice of reason offering a better option in Verizon.

“Verizon Home Internet” will run on social media, digital video and digital radio nationally with three :30 and three :15 videos on YouTube, two :30 radio spots, and 15–20 social media posts.


  • Creative Agency: Madwell
  • Chris Sojka, CCO and Co-founder
  • Mau Galvan, Creative Director
  • Jessica Auville, ACD
  • Anna Lindell, Senior Designer
  • Jake Wilhelmsen, Senior Copywriter
  • Sara Jabbroni, Designer
  • Account
  • Gabriela Benitez, VP Client Services 
  • Keisy Bisono, Account Director
  • Kristen Paterno, Account Supervisor
  • Production
  • Klodet Torosian, VP Production
  • Brigid McEntree, Group Production Director 
  • Meg de Recat, Senior Creative Producer
  • Strategy
  • JP Summers, Senior Strategist
  • Client: Verizon
  • Andrew McKechnie, SVP, Chief Creative Officer
  • Ricardo Aspiazu, Executive Director, Creative Marketing
  • James Hogan, Director, Creative Marketing
  • Greg Sacharoff, Senior Manager, Creative Marketing
  • Taylor Schulte, Manager, Creative Marketing
  • Sophie Saguil, Creative Marketing Consultant 
  • Brendan O’Malley, Senior Manager, Broadcast Production 
  • Pam Piscatelli, Manager, Broadcast Production


  • Production Vendors
  • Carbon VFX 
    • Liam Chapple, ECD
    • Nick Haynes, EP
    • Caroline Goujard, Producer 
    • Frank Grecco, Lead 
    • Tyler Heacox, CG 
    • Patrick Arrington, CG 
    • Dale Hyder, CG 
    • Momo Zhao, Design 
    • Joe Scaglione, Flame
    • John Price, Flame 



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