Outdoor Footwear Leader Merrell Invites Holiday Gift Givers to Hike Into Merrellville 


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Now through December 26, global leader in outdoor active footwear, Merrell is raising awareness with a campaign designed to highlight holiday gift-giving.

Seeking a fun and clever way to play off holiday tropes and traditions, Merrell‘s in-house team collaborated with multi-faceted global production company 1stAveMachine to create a festive campaign with scenes centered on Merrell shoes.

Two 15-second videos are running socially on Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Meta and YouTube, featuring Merrellville, population 2,500.

In “Sledding,” viewers see an animated snow-packed village with holiday gifts under an evergreen tree. Kids gleefully slide down a hill, hit a bump and go flying as the bump is revealed to be a hibernating bear. The kids are safely caught by mom and dad as the ursine creature (in stocking cap) gets its, um, bearings. The snowpack cracks and gives way to reveal that it is a Merrell boot to appreciative laughter from the crowd. Copy is superimposed: “Merrell all the way.”

In “Townsquare,” a moose peeks out from behind a signpost that declares, “Welcome to Merrellville, population 2500 mini people.” Said people bring ladders and boxes of lights into the town square on which sits a giant boot. They decorate the footwear with lights and a giant ape plugs the lights into an extension cord as the crowd roars, and the boot is lit up for the holidays.      

“This season, we put a Merrell spin on those all-too-familiar holiday phrases and traditions as a joyful reminder that there’s no place like the outdoors for the holidays,” said Kelly Warkentien, Merrell senior creative director at Merrell. “Our creative team brought Merrellville to life through a world of miniatures with the team at 1stAveMachine.”  

Both :15s are being executed across digital sales channels, including social, search and display, in email, on Merrell.com, out of home, in the retailer’s stores and in the stores of several retail partners.

“One of the greatest challenges when shooting a :15 with such a creative script is leaving things out, so we were laser-focused on the details of the illustrations,” said Mariano Bergara, director of the spots. “We wanted each character to wear the exact right Merrell gear, down to the correct colors. We 3D-modeled every tiny human, animal and mystical being, printed them out, hand-painted them and voila.”




Agency: Merrell

Creative Services Manager: Patrick Gietzen

Creatives: Kelly Warkentien, Erin Reily, Burke di Piazza, Kelsey Webster, Tucker Friend, Derrick Trotman

Chief Marketing Officer: Janice Tennant

Senior Digital Marketing Director: Jane Smith                                                                


PRODUCTION COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Executive Producer(s): Sabrina Elizondo / Florencia Bardas                                                                    

Director:  Becho & Mab                                                                                                                    

Line Producer:   Mercedes Serrano / Ines Palmas                                                                     

POST Coordinator;   Manuel Silva                                                             


Colorist:   The Lobos Bros LLC / AnahÍ Piccinin                                                           

Conform & Online:  Vargas Pozo David                                                                              


ART TEAM                                                                            

Art Director: Leonor Garcia Vercillo                                                                    

Production Chief:  Robles Gabriela Analia                                                                     

1st Production Assist:   Brugues Saavedra Camila                                                                    

Character Designer: Bayugar Marcos / Bruno Hernan Gustavo  

Background Designer: Victoria Farelli                                                                                                      

Background Designer / Art Direction:  Barabani Juan Ignacio                                                                              

Director of Photography: Isern Lautaro                                                                                                        

Boardomatic / Animatic: Sebastian Conen Sacheri                                                                       

Storyboard Artist: Santos Martin Manuel       


CAMERA & PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM                                                                                           

Gaffer: Lionel Seilhan                                                                 

Electrician:   Adrián Fernando Martinez                                                                                      

VFX Supervisor:  Gambarotta Diego                                                                         

Composition Sr Artist: Feo Rocks S.A. de C.V.                                                             

Rotoscopy:  Javier Gustavo Marin                                                                      

Photoshoper: Pablo Koutsovitis / Gabriel Sebastián Alomar                                                                                                                                          

Editor Animation & Conformer:  Vargas Pozo David                                                                    

Colorist:  The Lobos Bros LLC / AnahÍ Piccinin                                                            


STOMPO CREW                                                                             

Senior Realization / Set:  

Stefanini Paula Carolina 

Maria Eugenia Tome 

Fernanda Maglione

Ortt Maria Florencia  

Carlos Adrian Diaz / Zancolli Quintana Maria 

Virginia Mariela Zaccagnini  

Pittaro Gabriela Elian                                                                    

3D Character Realization Modeler 3d: 

Leandro Marino       

Facundo De La Vega  

Eusebi Franco David 

Gustavo Federico”                                                               

Illustrator / Set: Rosina Golaz                                                                    

Carpenter / Set: Sebastian Hojnadel                                                                       

Characters Realization Senior: 

Simanauskas Battistoni Indiana   

Analia Rodriquez / Lopez Natalia Belen 

Virginia Mariela Zaccagnini 

Tamara Gomez  

Paula Marcaccio                                                                 

Characters Realization Coordinator / Sculptor:  Canosa Maximiliano Atilio                                                              

Animation Acommoder: Sebastian Conen Sacheri                                                                       

Utilero Sebastian Hojnadel                                                             



Original Music:  BAMBA LLC