La Colombe Unveils New Look and Integrated Campaign for New Draft Latte Putting Froth Up Front  


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In close partnership with creative agency Mrs&Mr, La Colombe is unveiling its new look alongside the debut of its new ready-to-drink line of Draft Latte, now in 11 fl oz cans and made with real milk and less sugar. Reemphasizing the brand’s rich heritage while amplifying what it stands for, the delicious and frothy work will live across the brand ecosystem – from logo and packaging to café experience, vehicles and all product and retail touchpoints. 

“With La Colombe as part of the Chobani family, we created another way for consumers to experience the delicious, craft-made, cold brew they love in our cafes with a new line of ready-to-drink Draft Lattes with more froth and less sugar,” said Chobani Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hamdi Ulukaya. “We also created a refreshed brand look to honor La Colombe’s powerful heritage and simplicity, seamlessly tying together the brand experience in product and cafes. The result is a beautiful reflection of our premium offering, thanks to our deep, creative collaboration with Kate and Daniel of Mrs&Mr over many months to get it just right.” 

“Our canned Draft Lattes are the first texturized latte in an on-the-go format in the market and we wanted to showcase their craft and bespoke qualities,” said Kathryn O’Connor, Chief Marketing Officer of La Colombe. “This multi-dimensional campaign celebrates the quality and beauty of our product at its core. This film and photography heroes the liquid inside as well as packaging design, which is the culmination of deep and thoughtful brand reimagination.”

Through consumer research, the team learned that people were fascinated by the unique and surprising level of froth when poured out of the can. Unlike any other coffee product on the market, Draft Latte truly replicates the barista-made cafe experience. This truth inspired the campaign’s single-minded strategy, resulting in its fun and playful tagline: “The World’s Frothiest Draft Latte.”

The result is up-close cinematography that dramatizes the surprising frothiness of the Draft Latte product, while communicating the deep level of craft, attention to detail and care that are intrinsic to the La Colombe brand. It is a visceral, multi-sensory experience of seductive visuals, arresting SFX, indulgent macro shots of the creamy, frothy latte, and graphic moments of the newly designed packaging. We see cans popping open, liquid splashing, pouring and dancing, with creamy latte pouring into a custom made glass, which was custom designed by Mrs&Mr in the same silhouette as the new can. The edit is fast-paced, dynamic and energetic, cut to an original composed, upbeat and optimistic track, which was enhanced with amplified sound effects.

“To create desire and dramatize ‘The World’s Frothiest Draft Latte’, every product pour, can crack, and liquid splash was meticulously crafted to be surprising, seductive and sensorial.” – Kate Wadia, Founder & CCO Mrs&Mr

In addition to a 30-second TV spot, :15s will run on Hulu, Peacock, paid social, and at experiential events.

The TV commercials were produced by Foodfilm’s Paris-based directors Michael Roulier & Philippe Lhomme. Photography for OOH and social was shot by Australian photographer Nigel Cox. The proprietary La Colombe glass features in the campaign and will become part of the retail experience to telegraph the premium nature of the creamy, frothy product.



Hamdi Ulukaya: Chobani CEO

Kathryn O’Connor: CMO La Colombe


Kate: Founder / CCO

Daniel: Founder / CSO

David Zoppi: Senior Art Director & Designer

Production Partners: 

Directors : Michael Roulier & Philippe Lhomme (Foodfilm)

Production Company : Where is Brian – Quad Productions

Producer : Amélie Couvelaire

Line Producer : Béatrice Chevrin Guibert

Coordonator : Nabia Amraroui

Production assistant : Angèle Guillet

First Assistant : Thomas Nagabbo

Second Assistant : Paul Boudeau

Phantom operator / DIT : Thierry Pouffary

SFX Supervisor : Guillaume Larras

SFX Technician : Armel Cessa

Manager : Léo Banet

Post-Production : Foodfilm

Post Production – Finalisation : Fix Stdio

Post producer : Léo Souffrice

Editor : Bruno Herlin

Afetr Effect technician : Youenn Denis

Photographer: Nigel Cox

Photo Assistants: Ferny Chung, David Walter

Digital Tech: Alastair Casey

Retoucher: Stephen Keene / Silhouette Studio

Beverage  Stylist: Jamie Kimm

Beverage Assistant: Anna Edqwist

Prop Stylist: Peter Tran

Production: Sway NY (Rebecca Karamehmedovic & Nicole Hyatt)


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