Identity Strengthens Directorial Roster With the Addition of Versatile, Emotion-Fueled Filmmaker Sage Bennett


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New York-based production studio Identity continues to build on its wealth of sophisticated visual storytelling talent by adding multifaceted director Sage Bennett to its roster.

With a directing style she describes as “emotive, vibrant, and often through a feminine perspective”, Bennett has displayed her alluring creative sensibilities and craft across mediums ranging from commercials to short films. “I enjoy finding beauty in simplicity, delving into the nuances of moments that are often overlooked,” she says. “Creating an emotional resonance is essential for me—I aim to evoke a feeling without the need for intellectualization of said feeling.”

Bennett’s unique technique has been reflected in high-profile spots for the likes of 1-800-Flowers and KiwiCo as well as her own passion projects including the acclaimed short films and festival circuit faves Placebo and Aguamiel. However, while she’s seamlessly navigated multiple mediums throughout her illustrious career, Bennett does, in fact, take different approaches depending on the project. “When it comes to commercials, I focus on enhancing the idea’s point of view and infusing it with my unique touch, all while staying within the project’s parameters,” she explains. “On the other hand, personal projects often stem from a small, persistent idea that excites me—an idea I just can’t shake. I typically start with writing, and if I hit a roadblock, I turn to visual references, allowing the concept to take shape organically, often out of order, following its natural flow before piecing it all together.” Regardless of the task at hand, though, there is a common thread that ties together all of Bennett’s work. “Collaboration is a key aspect of my process, especially with cinematographers, whose perspective and ideas contribute so much to making each piece one-of-a-kind.”

With a wide range of creative inspirations including TV and film star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the recent critical hit film Poor Things as well as Tiktoks, nature and sunshine, Bennett considers a campaign she shot in Portugal (“with four five-year-old kids, butterflies, ladybugs, and the natural elements”) a career highlight and her 16mm short Placebo one of her proudest achievements. “It is really satisfying to create something that feels like my own vision,” she notes. “The feedback I received for the film is a motivating reminder that my voice has a place in the industry, and that I should keep creating.”



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