First VML Campaign for Breyers Keeps it Simple and Joyful, Just Like its Ice Cream


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The best things in life start with the simplest ingredients, according to Breyer’s first campaign in 4 years, from its new agency of record, VML New York. In fact, the ingredients of life’s best moments are much like the simple ingredients found in the 150-year-old ice cream brand.

“This campaign connects “real” moments in life with simple, wholesome ingredients found in Breyers ice cream,” said Susan Golkin, ECD, VML.  “Out of all of the vacations, parties and sporting events in a lifetime, a quiet summer night staying up past bedtime eating ice cream with your mom can be the sweetest memory of all.”

The work was filmed in one continuous shot with a first-person POV meant to welcome the viewer into the moment. These are two of the first stories to launch for the brand across all channels – including print, social and digital – and will be followed up by additional vignettes that give the viewer a peek into the magic of simple moments.

The first new spot of the launch, “Fireflies” features a mother and child sitting in their backyard long past bedtime, watching fireflies twinkle in the dark.  The ingredients of the moment are presented in parallel to the simple ingredients in Breyers All-Natural Vanilla.

Family. Fireflies. Up past nine.

Vanilla. Milk. Cream. 

The best things in life start with the simplest ingredients.

Better starts with Breyers.

The campaign also extends into the Breyers CarbSmart line with “Reunion.” The story features one old truck, and three old friends laughing and reminiscing.

Class Clowns. Old Truck. More Memories

Less sugar. Fewer net carbs. Fewer calories.

The best things in life start with just the right ingredients.

Better starts with Breyers CarbSmart.

“For 150 years, Breyers has reminded us of where genuine joy comes from. Our new campaign reminds us that the simple recipe for happy memories are in the small moments,” said Shane Kolpon, Associate Director for Breyers “It’s a good parallel to the short list of high-quality ingredients found in our ice cream.”


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