Klarna Lets You Shop Anywhere Online, and for the Next 48 Hours – That Even Includes Their Own Ads


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Created with agency Mirimar, Wildlife, Noble People and Movement

According to global shopping service, Klarna, only 9% of surveyed shoppers find online shopping ‘fun.’ To help change that, Klarna is continuing its “Swedish for smooother shopping” US launch campaign with a uniquely-targeted, shoppable entertainment/interactive experience.

Klarna’s “48 Hour Smoooth Room”, a first-of-its-kind digital pop-up gives shoppers a chance to explore, and win, some of the Internet’s most coveted items – straight from the brand’s own advertising. For 48 Hours only from 12pm EST on 7/16 to 12pm EST on 7/18 People can shop-and-win the items before the timer hits 0:00. The 48 Hour Smoooth Room website can be accessed directly here.

The 48 Hour Smoooth Room continues “Swedish for Smoother Shopping,” Klarna’s recently launched 360-degree integrated brand campaign, created with agency Mirimar. The room will be discoverable via a series of hyper-targeted digital ads that will run for 48 hours only. The digital ads are shoppable films, released all at once, shamelessly leverage one piece of Swedish film that’s been rewritten into fifteen unique shoppable films, each targeting a specific consumer interest – from fashion, gaming, sneakers, to beauty and aquarium hobbyists – and highlight the unique item available to scoop up.

From the films, consumers are led directly to the disappearing digital room, available on desktop and mobile, where they can ‘shop’ (i.e. win) a series of prizes including a Sonos Speaker set ($1,500), a Dyson Airwap Styler ($550), an Anine Bing fanny pack ($499) and a Fender Squier in Pink ($400).

The “Klarna: Swedish for Smooother Shopping” campaign, leans into the company’s Swedish origins to introduce Americans to the revolutionary online shopping service.


Campaign partners:

Creative Agency and Digital Production: Mirimar and Wildlife Los Angeles.

Klarna worked with independent media agency Noble People.

Movement Strategy brought the campaign to life on social and with influencers.


Digital campaign credits:

Brand: Klarna

Agency: Mirimar

Digital production: Wildlife

Media: Noble People

Social and influencer: Movement Strategy


Client: Klarna US

CMO: David Sandstrom

VP of Marketing: Daniel Jontén

Head of Marketing, U.S: Megan Gokey

Brand Lead: Joel Sussman

Supporting Brand Lead: Julia Grönstedt

Strategy Lead: Olivia Butter

Marketing Manager.: Elle Shaps

Social Lead: Mary Manzo

PR Lead: Sarah Ponthieu

Design Leads: Camilla Birkström, Matt Wenger, Pontus Gustavsson

Production Lead: Leo Holte


Agency: Mirimar – Los Angeles

Founder & Chief Creative Officer: John McKelvey

Co-founder & Managing Director: Luke McKelvey

Creative Director: Jon Marshall

Creative Director: Croix Gagnon

Head of Production: Kristine Ling

Head of Strategy: Alexa Calabro

Digital Producer and Creative Technologist: Natalie Sun

Design Director: Mariola Bruszewska

Group Account Director: Julia Jahn
Group Account Director: Lily Waters

Account Director: Amy Farias

Business Affairs: Nancy Espinal


Digital Production: Wildlife

Creative Director / Co-Founder: Jake Friedman

Creative Director / Co-Founder: Scott Friedman

Executive Producer: Brandon Del Nero

Technical Director: Pavel Zagoskin

Front End Engineer: Josh Stearns

Senior Designer: Andrew Zaozirny

Senior Producer: Janell Faraj


Media agency: Noble People

Social media and influencer agency: Movement Strategy


Film Production: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Andreas Nilsson

Partner / Managing Director: Shawn Lacy

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

Head of Production: Rachel Glaub / Sean Moody

Producer: Jay Veal

Producer, Sweden: Kalle Wettre

DP: Lasse Frank

Production Designer: Koja


Editorial: Arcade Edit

Editor: Geoff Hounsell

Assistant Editor(s): Fernando Raigoza, Harrison Draper

Managing Partner: Damian Stevens

Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone

Senior Producer: Alexa Atkin


Audio Finishing: Barking Owl

Mixer: Mike Franklin

Creative Director: Kelly Bayett

Producer: Ashley Benton


Music: DeadMono

Composers: Fredrik Rinman / Malcolm Pardon


Visual Effects: Kevin

Lead Artist / Executive Creative Director: Tim Davies

VFX Producer: Andrew Cowderoy

Senior Executive Producer / Partner: Sue Troyan

2D Team: Steve Gibbons, Robert Murdock


Telecine: a52

Colorist: Daniel de Vue

Producer: Jenny Bright

EP: Thatcher Peterson


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