Eran Hilleli’s Enchanting Film Opens the Style Frames Design Conference in NYC


By dorashiner / / An assorted crew of colourful characters emerges from the forest, all bound for the same destination. Each has something unique about them, yet they all have a common bond, coming together for a seminal event. This is, of course, a metaphor for the stars of the animation and production world coming together at last October’s Style Frames conference in New York. The event promised to inspire its attendees with some of the best work out there and offer them fresh insights into the “art, craft, politics and secrets of pitching your work”. No doubt, being asked to create the film that launches the event is an honour and a huge responsibility – the industry watching on to see if you can impress them. But Director/designer/animator, Eran Hilleli was not picked at random. He won the Best Animation award in Vimeo’s first film festival back in 2010. A graduation piece, no less. In this film, Eran has created a world that begs to be explored – a distant non-interactive cousin to the wonderful Monument Valley from ustwo. The music is warm yet discordant and helps build the mood and believability of this alternate universe. As a way of introducing the speakers, it works brilliantly, with the namechecks looking like the opening credits to an epic animated adventure. Director, Designer, Animator – Eran Hilleli Executive Producer for Hornet – Hana Shimizu Producer – Anna Lauren Tufekci Music & Sounds by – Disasterpeace Additional Designs – Jonathan Djob Nkondo Additional Animation – Daniel Moos Additional Modeling & Animation – Yoav Shtibelman & Uri Lotan