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Grey’s mission is to create Famously Effective ideas that move people, business, and the world forward—harnessing the power of creativity to solve business problems and deliver growth for the world’s most influential brands and companies such as Procter & Gamble, Volvo, Haleon, Kellanova, Applebee’s, Modelo, The Coca-Cola Company, Tumi, and the Los Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Grey is proud to be a part of AKQA, an international family of autonomous agencies with shared values and an independent mindset, backed by WPP (NYSE: WPP). In recent years, Grey has won a Grand Effie in every market it operates; has been Adweek’s “Global Agency of the Year” twice; AdAge’s “Agency of the Year” and Campaign’s “Global Network of the Year” in recognition of its creative and business performance. ompany Description Grey studios across the globe are creating Famously Effective work impacting clients and the audiences we serve. Recently we used generative AI with Coway to visualize dreams in a sleep-deprived Malaysia, and framed TUMI’s signature contours and cutting-edge craftsmanship as Essentially Beautiful. Using animation reminiscent of The Ren & Stimpy Show, we highlighted the atrocities of British pig farming in partnership with PETA. We earned Pringles Hollywood attention without ever making a Hollywood movie, but with a viral Super Bowl spot starring Chris Pratt as the iconic Mr.P. And, by engaging 30 of the largest NGOs in Argentina to postpone their campaigns around World Cancer Day, we influenced a 275% increase in mammograms conducted.

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