Work Submission: MasterCard Food Truck Feast


By hpcustomercare / / The phrase “Food Truck Feast” is enticing to begin with, but add “free” to that and you’ve got a salivating urban employee. And you can enjoy just that as the Food Truck Feast is running for four consecutive Thursdays through November 17. Is there anything more priceless in the middle of a long workday than a free lunch? How about a free lunch from some of NYC’s best known food trucks? As part of MasterCard’s ongoing Priceless New York Platform they’re giving NYer’s just that. The initiative, called Food Truck Feast, which samples some of the offers on the Priceless New York Platform works quite simply – just be a fan of MasterCard’s Facebook page or tweet using #PricelessNY and you’re in. Once a tweet is sent or the user is our fan on Facebook, folks can show up at any of the Food Truck locations and enjoy a complimentary lunch. Fans can keep track of truck locations by visiting the Facebook page here. The initiative is part of MasterCard’s Priceless New York campaign, which provides a curated assortment of local cultural, culinary and travel deals in the New York metro area. The Food Truck Feast is fun and engaging program that leverages the cult social followings of these NYC food trucks and connects consumers with the things they love – free, delicious food (of course). It’s true that the idea of a “Priceless New York” is sort of misleading and highly idealistic. All you have to do is breathe NY air to know that it’s (smoggy and) expensive. But if there’s anything city workers should set their cynicism aside for, it’s the pure joy of a good food truck.