Pinterest’s Marketing Possibilities


By prenasharma / / We informed you of the importance of Pinterest a couple weeks ago. Don’t have an invite yet? Please sit at a different lunch table. Or just ask us to get you on the list. Pinterest is an image and video-based social bookmarking platform that operates like an online bulletin board. Each user creates multiple boards on which they “pin” images and videos they find on the web via browser extension. They can also “repin” from people they follow or find via Pinterest’s search categories. It’s less angsty and more streamlined than Tumblr, which also means it’s less interesting. But Pinterest is still new and adjusting. Brands like Whole Foods and Lands’ End have begun exploring the ways in which the site could be integrated into marketing strategy. The latter company ran a contest called “Pin it to Win it,” in which customers were invited to pin their favorite Lands’ End Canvas site items. The 10 most creative pins won $250.00 gift cards. As more brands adopt Pinterest as another social outlet, they would do well to check out the site’s current user base. Digiday compiled data from Comscore into a couple of graphs, revealing that the majority of Pinterest’s users are ages 25-44 and female. Food, weddings, and fashion are common themes. Feeding into these trends, wedding website The Knot could ask followers to submit a board of their dream wedding and then offer free planning to the most original idea. Nylon Magazine already scatters their name by offering a wealth of high-quality images from their celeb and fashion-focused spreads. When users repin these photos, they’ll read “via Nylon Mag.” Each photo’s caption is “;” the link goes directly to a related article. As Pinterest and its user base evolve and grow, it will be interesting to see how brands—and the platform itself—take advantage of the possibilities. For now, Pinterest is fun, easy, and creative. It could be a vehicle for clarifying a brand’s voice, scattering its name, and solidifying fan loyalty through innovative gamification. Social media directors, take heed.