Mary Kate Valentino Named Executive Producer at Sonic Union


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Sonic Union officially announces that Mary Kate (MK) Valentino has been named Executive Producer. Mary Kate joined Sonic Union just over five years ago and enjoyed a successful tenure as Sonic Union’s Senior Producer and Client Partnerships Director before being named EP.

“Mary Kate has actually been our title-less EP for many years, because we distribute that role amongst many. Here’s a person who genuinely loves connecting with people. Not just producers and mixers to creatives and clients, but friends to friends so naturally. Here is a person that doesn’t hold a grudge if you’re not working with her team, (she probably just genuinely misses you” notes Adam Barone, Managing Director/Co-Founder, Sonic Union. “Now our ’titled” EP – MK loves to explore unique and challenging projects – the more unconventional, the better. Pulling various talents together using her decade-long audio-specific experience with a can-do attitude and a chill attitude that’s easy to be around.”

“I’ve never felt more proud and confident in a team’s potential and I’m sincerely honored to support its success,” Mary Kate says. ” It’s been an exciting 5+ years at Sonic Union, since the company not only allows for but encourages space and freedom to explore new areas of creative sound production. I’ve been particularly focused on expanding my wealth of knowledge for nontraditional, installation, and activation advertisements.

“The best part of my work is collaborating with and being surrounded by people that inspire me,” she continues. “Those colleagues include both the internal team at Sonic Union as well as our creative, kind and smart clients. I truly look up to our MD Adam Barone who always considers a question from the most unique and grounded perspective…and I’m especially delighted when I inspire his gears to turn with my own ideas and input!”

Mary Kate has always been interested in advertising as a form of entertainment and content since her short attention span developed at a young age. She worked as a Crisis counselor for three years, and she values the experience and skills attained for her current professional project management and personal relationships navigation. She brought that nurturing energy and problem-solving skills to her first job in sound production in 2013, where she found her niche and love for the creative opportunities audio lends to a production. She proudly joined Sonic Union in 2018.


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