Augmented Reality App Brings Old New York Crime Scenes to Life


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Gruesome Gotham Teaser from Firstborn on Vimeo.

In the sprit of Halloween, NY-based design and innovation company, Firstborn, has launched the AR app, Gruesome Gotham, which brings to life historic 19th Century New York crime scenes through a location-based AR adventure. Available free for download in the App Store for iPhone users only, or through the app’s microsite, Gruesome Gotham reveals a map of chilling murders that users can follow to unlock actual crime scenes that took place throughout the downtown streets of New York City. A narrator accompanies users to recount the gory details while a tabloid-style newspaper section of the app provides additional information on each crime – from the famed slaughtering of former Bowery Boys gang leader “Bill the Butcher”, to the shooting of “Jubilee Jim” in the former Grand Central Hotel.   Firstborn is no stranger to tech-driven holiday experiences. Last December they launched interactive VR experience, “Nick”, which invited users to battle evil elves out of Santa’s workshop.