According to Weyland-Yutani, Walter is the new David.


By dorashiner / / It seems the Weyland Corporation has acquired Japanese rival Yutani (who had unsuccessfully tried to sue Weyland over a patent for the David series of robots). With their combined might, they have created a successor. Meet Walter. He looks remarkably like David, but hey, if it ain’t broke… We love this approach to using the marketing to expand the universe – something that’s become a hallmark of this franchise. Remember Weyland’s TEDS Talk? Click to visit meetwalter.comClick to visit Unsurprisingly it’s sumptuously shot – shades of All Is Full Of Love by Chris Cunningham. And if you’d like a Walter of your own, you can pre-order yours at Yeah, we know – a microsite! Remember them? Here’s another look at the launch of theDavid 8 from 2012 – or was it 2023…?