On Radio, Anything is Possible


By christinewatson / / Highdive Advertising of Chicago and Cutters Studios deliver a clever spot for the Radio Mercury Awards designed to spur entries in the only competition exclusively devoted to radio. The ad features actor Christopher Jones as the spokesperson and Betty Owens as his beloved grandmother who gets punched in the face and is used as a dart board. But because of the magic of radio, we hear what happens. We also hear Jones iron his tongue to remove wrinkles and then make and drink a kale and hamster smoothie. Of course, the outrageous moves are all designed to demonstrate the fact that on radio, anything is possible – and to invite creatives to submit their best work for the 26th annual Radio Mercury Awards. For its 26th annual program, The Radio Mercury Awards has named Highdive Advertising’s co-founder and creative director Mark Gross as its Chief Judge. “I truly believe creatives have more freedom in radio than anywhere else,” began Gross, who has considerable authority on the subject. Well known for his work on the world famous “Real Men of Genius” campaign for Bud Light, he’s won three Best in Show Radio Mercury Awards, two Cannes Radio Grand Prix Lions, a Radio Grand Andy and a Radio Grand Clio, among many other top-tier industry honors. Notably, Gross also served as President of the inaugural Cannes Radio Jury, and as President of the Clio Radio Jury. “The Mercury Awards has always been the gold standard for outstanding radio,” he continued. “When radio writers look for inspiration they go to the Mercury Awards website first.” Complete Project Credits: Radio Mercury Awards “On Radio Anything is Possible” Client: Radio Mercury Awards Agency: Highdive Writers: Mark Gross, Chad Broude, Bart Culberson Production: Cutters Studios Director: Brian Broeckelman (Dictionary Films) Editor: Tom Brassil (Cutters) Editor Assistant: Jacob Swartz (Cutters) Producer: Heather Richardson (Cutters) Sound Design and Mix: Another Country Sound Designers and Mixers: John Binder, Peter Erazmus Music: Asche & Spencer Actors: Christopher Jones, Betty Owens Hamster: Herbie the Hamster* Animal Casting/Wrangling: All Animals Rentals *No hamsters were harmed in the making of this video. The kale, however, did not fare as well. Via.