Audi Hits Streets of NYC


By christinewatson / / Audi Global’s new online film #pickingteams sets FC Bayern Munich’s footballers loose on the streets of New York City. We love the word “footballers”. There’s no confusion with American football. When you hear “footballers” there’s no confusion. You know you’re talking about guys just like these. Credits: Client: Audi Global Production Co.: O Positive London Director: Jonathan Klein Executive Producers: Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill, Nell Jordan Line Producer: Nell Jordan, Emily Fleischer DP: Brian Murray
 Post Production: Rock Paper Scissors Editor: Damion Clayton
 Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum Producers: Lisa Barnable, Ashely Bartell Flame Artist: Edward Reina Telecine: Company 3 Colorist: Tim Masick