ROSAPARK Dabbles in Underwater Photography


By christinewatson / / A little underwater travel porn from French agency ROSAPARK. Beautiful photography, with a beautiful soundtrack, but we’re left wondering how foggy those masks must get. CREDITS: Brand: Tribord Brand Management : Espen Heier Directeur de la communication : David Martinelly Agency: Rosapark Co-founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar Co-founders in charge of creative: Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-Francois Sacco Creative Directors: Mark Forgan and Jamie-Edward Standen Copywriter: Nicolas Gadesaude Art Director: Julien Saurin Account Management: Rozenn Traineau TV Production: Lauriane Dula Production: Insurrection Directors: Fleur & Manu Production Directors: Matias Boucard Producers: Hélène Daubert and Mounia Mebarki Coordinator: Marie Mezeray Post-production: Home DP Film Editing: Nicolas Larouquère and Alyson Gordon Colorists: Bertrand Duval and Laurent Ripoll Post-producer: Bianca Benloukil Special effects: Mathematic Post-production: Julie Lagadec Flame artist: Fred Brandon Music: Grabuge Title: « Emmersion » Music management: Jérôme Hatchuel Composer: Laurent Perez Del Mar