New brand Enertor reveals the untold story of Usain Bolt.


By dorashiner / / New performance insole company Enertor has signed up Usain Bolt as the face (and feet) of its brand. Their insoles are made with wonder material D3O, scientifically proven to help you “Break Your Limits”. And if anyone has a track record of breaking limits, it’s Bolt. click to enlarge We’re used to seeing Bolt easing across the line with his so called rivals trailing in his wake. Turns out it hasn’t been as easy as he makes it look. His build, his lifestyle, his critics, his setbacks – all of these things could have held him back. But as the script says, “He keeps on running.” His relentless drive has seen him dominate his sport for years, becoming a sprinting legend and true global ‘box office’. “The Journey” is a mini-odyssey that actually tells the story of two journeys: one literal, the other figurative. The visuals show Bolt’s journey to training through the idyllic Jamaican land that shaped him while the voiceover chronicles his journey to greatness through adversity. It plays out like a modern-day parable, a tale of a man who would not be denied. How else do you get to be the fastest man that ever walked the Earth? It’s surprisingly poignant for an insole commercial. We can’t recall Scholl’s advertising giving us goosebumps. The new brand lands with the swagger and gravitas of its frontman. Bolt has plenty of endorsement deals in place but Enertor fits as well as his custom-made running spikes. Client: Enertor Agency: VCCP (London) Creative Directors: Jonny Watson & Dan Harrison Director: Charlie Crane @ Knucklehead Post production: Finish Sound: 750mph Music: Klang