“The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet” from Grey SF


By christinewatson / / The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet,” directed by Academy Award winning director Daniel Junge, explores the secret world of bulletproof hosters and their effect on online privacy and crime. The journey takes you inside a nuclear bunker in Holland, to an isolated sea fortress off the coast of the U.K., to the White Mountains in Sweden, and into the rainy streets of Southeast Asia. Looks pretty intense. If you’ve got a few minutes, give it a watch. Credits: Advertiser: Norton By Symantec Spot Title: The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet First Air Date: March 10, 2016 Agency: Grey San Francisco Chief Creative Officer: Curt Detweiler Creative Director: E Slody Art Director: Nei Caetano, Bryan Evans, Tatum Cardillo Copywriter: E Slody, Marcus Petterson Agency Producer: Robert Lazarus Production Company (location): HēLō (Los Angeles) Director: Daniel Junge Director of Photography A: Wolfgang Held Director of Photography A: Jed Klemow Editor (person & company): Blake Bogosian (Beast San Francisco) Assistant Editor (person & company): Steve Greenberg (Beast San Francisco) Music/Sound Design (person & company): Gunnard Doboze Principal Talent: Heydon Prowse