What I Learned in 2015 by Ned Lampert, Creative Director at space150


By ifuwantpul / / [img_assist|nid=19365|title=|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=480|height=643] In addition to bringing emerging technology to clients, space150 has a team that runs experiments internally. I’m lucky enough to be part of that team. As of late 2015 it seemed like everyone (space150 and myself included) had a growing appetite for 360º video. So we bought a much-sought-after 360º rig and began brainstorming. “Land, Sea, and Air in motion” was our first concept and an opportunity to test in different environments. It took some hustling, but in 48hrs we secured a professional skateboard (Land), a sailboat (Sea, duh), and a helicopter (Air, also duh). The sunset on the Santa Monica Bay was the obvious “Sea” footage, so we started there. “Sea’s pretty rough and we gotta be back in an hour” was the first thing our captain said. “You can’t mount that camera to the bow, only the deck” was the second. We reluctantly mounted the rig to the deck, clambered into the cabin, and immediately hit 20ft swells after exiting the marina. Over the next ten minutes I almost barfed, twice. With our feet firmly on land, we reviewed the footage. The rough sea and direct sunlight left the footage shaky and blown-out, respectively. And, with the camera mounted so low, half of the frame was of the deck. Frankly, it sucked. Since then, we’ve learned a lot, and our quality is getting better project after project. Similar to other technology we pilot, 360º video is in its early days. What I learned from this and a litany of other bleeding-edge technologies in 2015 is: *everything is manual, nothing is guaranteed, find insight in failure, and always bring Dramamine.*