Work Submission: Big Spaceship/Lucasfilm Unveil New Digital Experience


By hpcustomercare / / Brooklyn’s Big Spaceship, got a sweet gig creating completely new content for the Star Wars website. Along with Lucasfilm, the creative agency has developed a digital interactive experience for site visitors. “May the Force be with you” as you explore the new “We were posed with a unique brand challenge,” said Big Spaceship Founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz. “How do you build a digital experience for more than three decades of fans, and for one of the most beloved, well-known and visually compelling entertainment franchises?” Traditionally, and throughout the making and release of Episodes I, II and III, has been built around news and a text-heavy design. With a new content strategy led by Big Spaceship in collaboration with Lucasfilm’s Online division, the site has been completely overhauled to add more epic visuals, more accessibility and more content, allowing fans of all ages to explore, play, watch and connect as they navigate the site. At the center of the digital experience is a growing Encyclopedia of Star Wars lore — the characters, locations and other details of the movies and television shows — redesigned to be more visual and interactive. In addition, popular videos, images and online games are now presented in higher quality and more locations throughout the site. This new digital ecosystem will continue to grow and evolve in the coming months. Whether you’re a Star Wars aficionado, a casual fan, or a series newcomer, the site looks like it will be the go-to place for any and all things Star Wars. And if you already have a pre-digital age shrine of Star Wars memorabilia, perhaps the virtual experience can enhance your enjoyment of the cult classic.