Work Submission: Carnival Cruise Line “Cruising Year-Round from NYC”


By / / Arnold Worldwide has developed a new “Cruising Year-Round from NYC” campaign for Carnival Cruise Lines featuring innovative and eye-catching outdoor advertisements. Among these is an ad on an apartment building featuring a fire escape painted blue and appearing as an entrance to a water slide on a billboard that runs the length of the building. Another features a cruise ship emerging from a billboard above a Sbarro’s in Times Square. One of the advertisements makes unique use of New York City’s taxis: GPS units were installed in cabs and placed on NYC taxi top billboards, the digital read-out shows “XX Miles to Port. Cruising Year-Round from NYC.” The goal of the campaign is to remind people that the Caribbean is closer than they think, with so many cruises leaving from the city, and that with Carnival Cruise Lines people can “have fun on their way to fun.” Whether or not people get the message, Arnold Worldwide is sure to at least turn a few heads with this campaign.