Egotist Briefs: Tash Whitmey, Group CEO of Havas EHS

By christinewatson / / Where did the name Helia come from? Helia comes from The Sun – we felt it demonstrated our focus on the interactions between data and insight, creativity and technology. And it reflects how we are evolving for the future, without losing sight of our 30 years of data heritage and expertise. What are Helia’s biggest strengths you intend to play up with this new merger? It very much reflects our belief that data is core to growth and that data, digital and creative combined allows us to build more meaningful connections with customers. What do you see as a possible weakness, and how do you plan on remedying it? So far we have rebranded into the US, UK, Warsaw and Shanghai. We have more agencies planned in 2015 – in Cape Town, Singapore, Sydney and Latin America. But we have to ensure we deliver the network reach and the shared ways of working that our clients are demanding without losing the culture of collaboration and partnership we are so proud of. Growing an agency is one thing. Keeping the creative fresh is another. What will you do to inspire fresh creative at Helia? Accountability, collaboration and entrepreneurship are the values we share amongst our network and by maintaining and nurturing those values, we also ensure a level of questioning and curiosity which we believe inspires great creative work. What trend in this industry bugs you? What’s one that you’re especially keen on? Losing sight of what we are here to do – work with our clients to create brilliant solutions which make for better customer experiences and drive business growth. What am I especially keen on? Shared ownership of the impact we can have and that’s increasingly about PBR and together identifying and delivering to our focus What’s one piece of advice you keep in mind every day? Be honest – I believe hugely in collaboration and ensuring that we are open and fair in the way we work together – within the agency and with clients. What kind of client have you always dreamed about doing work for? At the risk of sounding clichéd – a lot of our clients are clients I would dream about working with if I didn’t have them – ambitious, passionate brands who want to deliver brilliant experiences for their customers. Last question: Beatles, or Elvis? Beatles!