Agency Insider: Arnold New York

By christinewatson / / We all know agencies usually have amazing physical spaces. But unless you work at a specific shop, you might never get a chance to see how cool they really are. Today, we’ll get a peek at Arnoldnyc. They’ve recently moved into a new office in an historic printing house at 205 Hudson. The space is vast and bright, and the walls were left blank to allow staff to use it as a bare canvas to express themselves. ^ Graffiti-inspired mural by artist and creative director, Nate Guillard. Check out the video below to see how it was made. ^ The new space reflects the most important elements of our culture. Through open space we’ve achieved greater collaboration, and used color as a tool to inspire activity and warmth, and the new technologies are lock-step with the agency’s evolution in digital and technology. ^ #pogogram is the only custom-designed, socially connected pogo stick. It sports a Canon G15 camera and motion switch to capture content that is instantly sent to the internet – of riders mid-bounce. It also holds the Guiness World Record for highest bounce. ^ A vibrant and collaborative culture, employees bike to work, bring their dogs to the office and take time out with a game of ping-pong during the day and invent instagram-taking pogos, dubbed the Arnold Pogogram. ^ The café is a true cultural central encouraging employee social interaction and a gathering point as an all agency central hub. If you’re interested in having your agency featured as a The New York Egotist — Agency Insider, email us at [email protected] for details.