“What’s Your Creative Philosophy?” – New York Edition

By christinewatson / / If you’re anything like us, you sometimes meet other creatives and wonder “Now what the hell makes this guy tick?” So we decided to ask. We emailed a random smattering of agencies in the New York area and asked them to please jot down their creative philosophy in (about) 20 words or less. What they sent in really made our day. Take a look, and if you have a creative philosophy you want to share in 20 words or less, leave it in the comment section. ——————– Never repeat the same idea twice. But instead use pieces of the past to build bridges into the future.Tim Nolan, Creative Director at BBH NY Follow your gut, not your brain. In life it is the ‘What if I would have done that?’ which will keep you up at night.Ignacio Oreamuno, Executive Director, Art Directors Club Human Connection is the most powerful force in the universe. Ask yourself – does it truly connect? If not, you failed.David Bryant, Chief Creative Officer at Organic. Pursue ideas that are hard, that stretch you, that make you uncomfortable— let them batter you mentally. Rinse and repeat.Joey Camire, Strategist at Sylvain Labs Let your subconscious do the heavy lifting.Ben Cheney, Strategist at Sylvain Labs While I don’t have a formal philosophy, I do try to approach my work by never looking at other designers’ work in my field.Sara Rotman, Founder, CEO, CCO, MODCo Creative For us today, brands are our Medici. We need to hear their objectives, learn their tastes, and ultimately, with the right skill and a bit of luck, we too can make our David.Michael Ventura, Founder & CEO, Sub Rosa Don’t hold onto ideas. Let them go to make room for others. Creativity is everywhere, so always question and never settle for ‘okay.’Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder & CCO, YARD It’s okay to fight.Erica Pressly & Julia Melograna, Creative Team at The Barbarian Group Don’t stop.Conor Hagan, Art Director at Droga5 Advertising is a paper airplane. We create the instructions but our user has to follow them and fly their own plane.Jason Marks, Executive Creative Director at Partners + Napier. Be Naïve. When you are naïve, you don’t know what you can’t do and anything is possible.Izzy DeBellis, Co-Chief Creative Officer at kbs+ The creative approach I employ is driven towards minimalism through an initially chaotic beginning.Jen Lu, Creative Mutant/Art Director at Droga5 When we’re at our best, we’re making people feel good. But we’re even better when we’re helping the world.Karen Short, Art Director at Droga5 Brainwash yourself so you don’t think you’re doing advertising.Tony Mennuto, Creative Director at Mister Face First find the truth. Because if it’s not true, it’s not our story to tell.Aaron Griffiths, CCO at Arnold Worldwide New York Be smart enough to think up a brilliant idea, yet stupid enough to think it will happen.The New York Egotist