12 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Creatives

By dorashiner / / Apps, apps, apps. Everywhere you look, they’re there. Almost de riguer on digital briefs these days, like banners and MPUs were in the ‘old’ days. It’s estimated that over 400,000 new apps will be released this year – as there clearly aren’t enough already… So which of the current crop are actually useful to an iPhone-toting creative looking to boost their productivity or just find inspiration? We only have iPhones at Ego Towers. The good news is that many of those listed below are available on other platforms too. Here goes…
1. Dropbox You’ll know this already, no doubt. Google has Google Drive, Microsoft has SkyDrive. They all do essentially the same thing with a few minor differences – online storage ‘in the cloud’. Store your files where you can access them any time you have internet access. Dropbox lets you define which folders are public and you can share specific files with specific people. Saves bloating everyone’s email with vast attachments and makes everything easier to file and find. Dropbox has great integration with other apps making it easy to create files in other apps and save them straight into your Dropbox. Download Dropbox >
2. Evernote This is the power behind The London Egotist. With day jobs to attend to and families waiting at home, the commute is where a lot of the legwork is done – and it’s done in Evernote. It’s a relatively simple text editor that syncs with every browser you can think of (even Opera). Write your note and as if by magic, it’ll be waiting for you on your desktop machine. Formatting tools are simple and comprehensive and the autocorrect is mercifully accurate. You can add voice and photos to your notes too if you’re that way inclined. You can add tags to make files easier to find and it automatically geo-tag your notes so if all you can remember is where you wrote your note, Evernote will help you find it. Download Evernote >
3. Tiny Scan Expenses. The eternal tension between admin and getting your own money back from Accounts. We’ve never found it easy, doing it in batches months apart so we forget the whole process in the meantime. What this app does us convert a photo if your receipt into a PDF that you can email yourself or save into your Dropbox. Then you just attach the PDF to your online claim and your money’s on its way (slowly). Download TinyScan for iPhone (paid)
4. Clipboard We resisted Pinterest but Clipboard does a similar thing with less of the ‘look everyone, I’m curating!’ vibe. It’s good for scrap-booking if you’re researching a brief, pulling together reference or you can showcase all the different places your lovely integrated campaign appeared in. Download Clipboard for iPhone >
5. Great-Ads This is really just a web-app/shortcut on your phone pointing to great-ads.blogspot.com They pull together the latest and greatest ads from all over the world, so it’s a handy window onto how the rest of the planet is selling toilet bleach. Download the Great Ads web app > (go here via your mobile)
6. TED “TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology. Entertainment. Design.” If you don’t have this already, you need it – unless you’re that Steve Jobs – and we’re pretty sure no one is these days. This is inspiration for creativity and technology with valuable lessons for humanity and sometimes marketing. Each video is downloadable, so you can benefit from the wisdom of Stephen Hawking and Sir Ken Robinson wherever you are. You will feel surprisingly worldly and uplifted after every single one. Download TED for iPhone >
7. Fathm Timesheets have always vexed us, so anything that helps is more than welcome on our smartphone. This is the prettiest apps of the bunch – though setting it up’s a tiny bit fiddly. Once you’ve got past that, it’s just a question of remembering to let Fathm know what you’re up to so it can keep track of the hours for you. Download Fathm for iPhone >
8. Snapseed Exercise your inner re-toucher – and you know, Instagram filters are for amateurs. Snapseed is one if the best, most feature-packed of the many mobile photo editing apps out there. For example, Selective Adjust lets to make subtle changes to a selected area of your photo, while Tune Image gives you control over the white balance and other ambient colour effects. Download Snapseed for iPhone >
9. Pocket Pocket lets you save web pages to your iPhone so you can browse them offline when you’re underground or somewhere you can’t guarantee a good connection to the web. It can preserve the web page layout or you can choose a reader-friendly ‘Article View’ if you prefer. It’s as simple as bookmarking a page, syncing while you still have a data signal then you’re set. Plus you can bookmark pages on your desktop to save them to your phone. Smart. Download Pocket for iPhone >
10. Image To Text A simple yet clever character recognition app. Take a photo of some text on a page and it’ll send the editable text to your email. A bit geeky but very handy if you don’t fancy typing out paragraphs needlessly. Overlooked and underrated. Download Image To Text for iPhone >
11. Pocket Lists There are lots and lots of To-Do apps and this is one of them. What sets this apart is the ability to set reminders by time and or location. Need to remember to call that production company back as soon as you get into the office? Easy. Just enter the reminder and your office postcode and you won’t forget. It syncs with all your existing work and Google calendars so those reminders will find you wherever you are. Download Pocket Lists for iPhone >
12. Snapguide This is actually an app designed to help people share their step-by-step how-to guides using a sequence of annotated photos. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it to map out a TV storyboard on the move or an online user journey on the train home. Download Snapguide for iPhone >
So that’s our top 12. What have we missed? Tell us in the Comments below or email us [email protected]