Mike Lazerow of Buddy Media on the Official Facebook IPO

By christinewatson / / This week everyone’s talking about Facebook official filing for its IPO. The news impacts just about everyone involved with social media. Mike Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media added his thoughts on the official Facebook IPO and what it means for social media companies: What is your take on the Facebook IPO finally being official? I’ve said for years that Facebook can be the biggest company the world has ever seen. Both myself and the entire Buddy Media team would like to extend a big congratulations to Facebook on all of their success so far. The Facebook team has worked incredibly hard to get to this point, and changed the world along the way. At Buddy Media we’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Facebook as a charter member of the company’s preferred developer consultant program. Facebook’s upcoming IPO is important for not only Facebook, but the entire social media eco-system. What does the Facebook IPO mean for companies like Buddy Media? Social media has changed the world. It is now the number one online activity. Facebook is enormously successful, but they don’t want to do everything when it comes to social media. In many ways they are the “social” and not always the “media.” Facebook is focused on making amazing consumer social networking products, and then allowing people to build cool applications on top of the products, whether it be Zynga for games, or Buddy Media to power content from brands and organizations. At Buddy Media, we always knew Facebook would be a very valuable global company. It’s amazing to think that when we started working with Facebook, the site only had 20 million users. The numbers speak for themselves, and we’re excited about what’s yet to come.