Why YouTube Sensation Jenna Marbles Should Be Exploited For The Greater Good Of Marketing

By junipernelly / / Ted Williams, Rebecca Black, Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone! boy), Boxxy and Mystery Guitar Man. Depending on how many hours a day you spend sitting in front of your computer browsing blogs and watching ridiculous YouTube videos, these names may or may not be familiar to you. These five characters are recent examples of what Wikipedia refers to as YouTube Personalities, those persons or groups who have grown to prominence because of their appearance in videos on YouTube. Each of these bizarre individuals seem to have popped up out of nowhere. Their backgrounds range from a homeless man who mysteriously had a perfect golden radio voice to a little rich tween girl with an affinity for Fridays and don’t forget an extremely emotional young man with a slightly alarming obsession for B. Spears. While many of these personalities draw the negative criticism of the buzzosphere, every once in a while a new YouTube phenom comes along that seems to have lasting power. That time is upon us. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jenna Marbles. Jenna Marbles (known in the real world as Jenna Mourey) is a 24-year-old blonde bombshell from Boston that has guys wanting her, and girls wanting to be her. She creates new videos every week and uploads them to her YouTube page that currently has 11,850,594 views, which most likely will spike by at least a hundred views while reading this. Miss Marbles’ videos almost always feature her sitting in front of a white wall in her bedroom having a random conversation with herself or her two dogs, Marbles and Kermit. Her rants cover a myriad of entertaining topics such as; How To Get Ready For A Date, Cooking With Sarah Palin, What Caffeine Does, Underwear Horoscopes, Thoughts On Shark Week, People That Piss Me Off In The Gym, How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking, and my two personal favorites, What Girls Do On The Internet, and What Guys Do On The Internet. While these videos aren’t exactly ground-breaking material, they are highly entertaining and extremely relatable. My 16-year-old sister introduced me to the insane world of Jenna Marbles earlier this week, and I’m fairly certain we watched all 53 of her videos in succession, hating her for looking like a bleached blond hooker prancing around in skimpy clothing, while simultaneously loving her for being goofy, hilarious, and smart, with the perfect touch of perversion. Advertisers have obviously already started suckling the successful Jenna Marbles teat, as viewers can tell by the invasive pop up ads that constantly overlay Jenna’s videos. In order to properly exploit Jenna Marbles’ fame for monetary gain, marketers need to realize that in the eyes of many females between the ages of 16- 24, this YouTube sensation can do no wrong. “OMG I LOVE that Ninja Turtle shell backpack Jenna wears in all of her videos, where can I get one?!” “Jenna wears Victoria’s Secret panties and Pink clothing? I need to get more!” In one specific video, Jenna discusses how heart broken she is over the fact that she has to cancel her spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico. She creates a tribute video titled What I Would Have Done In Cancun, where she basically spends five minutes and 42 seconds discussing her love for a bathing suit company called Bella Beachwear, and then proceeds to jump on her bed and take a bath wearing said beachwear. Normally, if a chick were to do this I would chalk it up to her being an attention whore who wasn’t loved enough as a child. For unknown reasons, Jenna Marbles’ little bikini fashion show sparked the exact opposite reaction in me. I instantly wanted all of the bathing suits she was wearing in her video, and I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not alone in these thoughts. In the video Jenna explains that she reached out to Bella Beachwear on her own and asked for a free bikini, whether this is the truth, and it wasn’t a direct product placement endorsement from the company remains a mystery. Another video titled Nintendo 64 Contest, was well, a contest to win Jenna’s Ninendo 64 game console. She instructed viewers to send in video responses to why they thought they deserved to win her Nintendo 64. This contest could be adopted by virtually any product or brand and would instantly get views from the millions of people that watch Jenna’s videos, and the hundreds of thousands that have subscribed to her YouTube page. I’m fairly certain people would die to win a box of Hot Pockets from Jenna Marbles, let alone any other scrumptious and/or amazing product she decided to endorse. Regardless, many other brands should pay attention to Bella Beachwear’s recent endeavors in utilizing Jenna Marbles as their newest Brand Ambassador and spokesmodel. Whether it is product placement, weekly contests or a simple name drop (I LOVE Pizza Lunchables and Dirt Devils!) Jenna Marbles and other YouTube sensations have more pull and social influence than many marketers realize. With a funny, quirky, sexy, smart and relatable blond bombshell with a mild case of ADD that appeals to both men and women, how can you go wrong?