MTV Asks You To Give A Sh!t

By junipernelly / / MTV’s newest viral video promotion showcases a new breed of charity campaign titled “Give A Shit.” The opening scene of the video shows an attractive girl saying “Hi I’m Nikki Reed, I may be famous, but I actually give a shit.” This automatically makes me want to stop watching the shitastic scene in front of my eyes and switch to a funny cat video of some sort because honestly, Nikki, if you have to say your name in an advertisement, and they have to put a caption at the bottom of the screen that says you’re an actress, you probably aren’t famous. To save you from going through the same exhaustive IMDB search that I had to deal with, I will say this; the two things Nikki is most well known for will make you want to stop reading this article so forget I even mentioned it. Regardless of how much I may loath her, in this enlightening viral video, Nikki urges consumers to simply give a shit. The charities’ tag line – Take A Shit, Give A Shit. In the video, as Nikki pulls down her pants and plops down on the John she informs us that, “No matter who you are, you have a god given moment of solitude and contemplation at least every other day. So the next time you take a shit, I want you to give a shit…Just pick something that you truly care about, whatever it is, global warming, starving kids, monkeys that are tortured in the name of science, whatever, and give a shit.” Earlier in the video Nikki says that, “if enough people take the time to actually give a shit about the worlds problems, even if they don’t actually do anything but just give a shit about them, the world’s problems will cease to exist.” Umm no..not really Nikki. The entire point of this campaign confuses me. On the website, concerned citizens can tweet and facebook about the causes they care most about, i.e. “Brittany just gave a shit about pandas.” Yes, pandas is an option, ranking as one of the highest concerns, along with whales, blindness and methane buildup. A live Shit-O-Meter even gives consumers an up to date status on how many people give a shit and where they are located. Currently China is in first place with 15.28% of the total 109,500 shits that have been given. The U.S. is in 8th place. Personally I think this campaign is entertaining for approximately two minutes. After visiting the site though, you will realize that this campaign is exactly what it claims to be – shit. There is no option to donate, or even suggestions on how you can help out with the various causes. All consumers can do is tweet and say “I give a shit about Whales.” Neat. By over using words such as shit and whatever, MTV is attempting to seem cool and hip to a younger demographic, but in reality, this language just comes across as offensive. Not offensive in the sense that Shit is considered a bad word, but offensive in the sense that MTV feels this is the best way to get a younger demographic involved with important charitable causes. Guess what MTV, we aren’t morons. Just because your programming is mind-numbing garbage filled with trash like Snooki and Paris Hilton, it doesn’t mean you need to dumb down your advertising for the rest of the world. We aren’t as idiotic as the celebrities you worship. Instead of sitting on the toilet and tweeting about saving the rainforest while in the midst of a dump, the rest of us will actually be doing something to help these charitable causes. At least MTV is good at one thing, consistency. MTV – consistently shitty since the early 90’s. By the way, if you’re still wondering, Nikki Reed has starred in “Twilight” and “The OC” which takes away any credibility that happened to be left in this shitty campaign.