Forget GagaVille, the World Needs Sheenville

By mohnikapoor / / Yesterday, we told you about GagaVille, the latest addition to Farmville. It’s been really bugging me all day: there needs to be a SheenVille. GagaVille will have sheep riding motorcycles, crystals and unicorns. Sheenville could have so much more. Hookers riding motorcyles. Gleaming crack rocks. Jon Lovitz in a diaper, wearing a paper mache unicorn horn. With Sheen next door, the #winning value of the property in your neighborhood would skyrocket. It’s amazing this hasn’t happened yet. Zynga hasn’t made the offer, and Sheen hasn’t yet built SheenVille on his own at 6 am while in the midst of a dizzying comedown. It’s just the way the odds play out, I guess. But this needs to happen. Now.