Zyrtec Can’t Advertise

By Egotist / / Every time I see this commercial, I feel like smacking the person who made it: Or, okay, maybe I just want to buy Allegra. Zyrtec begins this commercial (after a bit of sexist banter) by showing the customer THEIR COMPETITORS’ PRODUCT LABEL, then their own label doesn’t even make an appearance til the end. That makes as much sense as letting Woody Allen teach at an all-girls middle school. Hell, most competitors don’t even mention each other’s names, let alone have one of their own actors hold the product up to the camera. But even more frustratingly, Zyrtec decided to run an anti-Allegra ad: their big dig: you can’t drink juice with Allegra. As far as people with serious allergies are concerned, forgoing a glass of orange juice in exchange for being able to breathe isn’t the worst trade off. I’ve sat with several people who watched the commercials and then said, “Whoa, if that’s the biggest problem Zyrtec can find, Allegra must be great.” So, Egotists, as the winds blow and you find yourself uncontrollably weeping through the streets of Manhattan, big polleny flowers blossoming overhead, stop in and get yourself some Allegra. Not because it works better, but because Zyrtec can’t advertise. And they deserve to be punished.