Infographic: Digital Stress and Your Brain

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You're a natural multitasker. You can get your work done, check on your fantasy team, email your girlfriend, play Words With Friends, make French toast and compose sonnets all while remaining efficient and accurate, right? Wrong. This infographic shows how you might not be as good at multitasking as you think you are, and it could have negative consequences you haven't considered. I guess the human brain just wasn't designed to do twelve things at once.

Digital Stress and Your Brain


I'm not gonna make dumb online "crowdsourcing" videos now; slamming people in town in the mass telecom F*Em*Up, because I finally got a girlfriend I like that I live with and I don't have to screw people up and around to COVERS up for others - we all lied about it and make 100K a year - now.

When Does All the FUN Stop...?

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THANKs for Flipping Me Off via Your Computer Vitriol Locker Screen. I thought you were my buddy :(

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