Nice App, Bro: The New Bromance iPhone App

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What if there was there was an app to help you through those bronely nights? Something to ease the pain of having an XBox, a 12-pack of Natty, but no one to bro out with? An app to help bros meet other bros for broing out? Fear not, brah, the iPhone totally has you covered.

The new iPhone App Bromance allows bros to find other bros in their area and meet up for totally non-homoerotic activities like shooting hoops, stretching each other out at the gym, grabbing a beer, watching mixed martial arts contestants pin each other to the ground in completely non-suggestive positions, and general misogyny.

The app connects users to other users nearby with similar (manly) likes and interests. Then the magic happens, as the users can make connections and meet up for (brotacular) activities. It’s kind of like Grindr, but, you know, No Homo.

Comments gays are gonna have a field day. haha

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