Microsoft's Mango, Chris Kattan on SNL, Google Cuts It Out, Netflix of Reading, and More!

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Microsoft Lets the Mango Out of the Bag
There's no longer any mystery surrounding what Microsoft will call its new Windows Phone 7.5 update, because a tweet from Image Cup revealed the name: Mango. Personally, all this seems to do is conjure up glittered images of Chris Kattan's iconically flamboyant SNL persona.

LinkedIn Graduates
The internet has been good to students this week. First, LinkedIn added new profile sections, catered towards highlighting scholastic and internship accomplishments. Additionally, Amazon now allows users to rent digital textbooks. Remember the days of covering stacks of bulky books with paper bags and lugging them around in a drooping backpack? Ancient history.

Google Cuts the Crap
Google has unveiled its very own link shortener, While the search engine launched in 2009, the new shortener will only link to Google products and websites. This comes at a good time for Google, considering the recent launch of Google+, which is gaining even more traffic more Google-run sites and showing competitors that Google means business.

Netflix's Busy Week
Aside from complaints about rising prices, there's a lot of buzz surrounding Netflix this week. The company has been compared to Scribd, which is said to be the "Netflix of Reading." The name has also been thrown in with Vodo, or, "Netflix-meets-Kickstarter for Indie Films." Meanwhile, internally, Netflix has hired former Reddit Chief Architect, Jeremy Edberg, in hopes of recovering from a recent series of outages. Netflix better get its ducks in a row in the wake of that exciting announcement about expanding to Latin America.


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