• Egotist Q&A About Food for Thought, from Joe Erwin

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    We were lucky enough to be treated to a brief a Q&A with Joe Erwin, President and Founder of Erwin Penland. In addition to creating work for brands like Denny’s and Verizon Wireless, the South Carolina-based agency hosts an annual leadership and innovation conference called Food for Thought. Now in its seventh year, Food For Thought draws entrepreneurs and industry leaders from all over for three days of total immersion into all the city of Greenville, focusing on inspiration, leadership, philanthropy and of course, food.

    Give the interview a read here.


  • Behind the scenes of Pepsi's Unbelievable Bus Shelter.

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    Gary Lathwell and Richard Peretti are the team at AMV BBDO behind Pepsi's Unbelievable Bus Stop - as well as other executions in the campaign.

    We caught up with them and asked them to give us a bit of background on how the idea came to fruition.

    "As part of our new Pepsi Max campaign, we were tasked to create an unbelievable experience in a public place. The daily commute is one of the most uneventful moments in people’s day and we wanted to change that. Working with OMD and Talon Outdoor we created a first-of-its-kind augmented reality 6-sheet in a bus shelter."

    "A high definition screen displayed a live video feed from an HD webcam mounted on the opposite side of the bus shelter. 3D animations and video were then created at the same perspective as the street and were activated over the live feed. Everything bedded in perfectly to sell the illusion."

    "The public’s reaction has been amazing. The film of the stunt received over 4 million hits in its first week and people are still flooding down to New Oxford Street to check it out for themselves.

    Early concept artEarly concept art

    "Creatively our biggest challenge was how we used the environment outside of the shelter. As you can see from our scamps, we needed  to consider what elements of the street we could use to our advantage. It was a lot of fun coming up with random stuff to shock Londoners, and with a brief like ‘make it unbelievable’ anything goes."

    "Technically, we were worried that the live feed might not match the outside world. Luckily everything lined up perfectly to sell the illusion."

    From the reaction this campaign has had already, it looks set to clean up at the next round of award shows. Great to see a big brand embracing technology, aligned with a great idea.

    We also came across this bus shelter idea from Adobe. Pretty smart too:


    Two directions for One Direction: Once you've drunk your Pepsi, brush with Colgate >Two directions for One Direction: Once you've drunk your Pepsi, brush with Colgate >

    Dynamo takes a bus through London. Levitating out the window >Dynamo takes a bus through London. Levitating out the window >

  • Sam Elliott Makes Everything Sound Cooler

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    Here's four spots from Detour Films and Chicago's Cavalry for Coors. Sam Elliott is like the Morgan Freeman for the blue collar crowd.

  • "The Sub" Brings Beer, Submarines, and Pinball Together in One Epic Game

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    Cool idea from Publicis Italy. Takes a while to get to the point, but we dig it.

  • ADC Portfolio Night All-Stars Reality Video Series

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    Reality shows have officially leaked into the creative industry – it was only a matter of time, right?

  • Treat with a Twist: Arnold Gets Pets to Freshen Their Breath

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    Great work, from Arnold NY. More spots and credits after the break.

  • FCB Johannesburg Creates Rainbows for Coca-Cola

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    The video's a little long, but the project is very cool.

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