• What Would it Cost to Book Your Favorite Band?

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    Ever wonder what it would cost to book your favorite band? Now, some kindly blogger has compiled a list for the world to see. It seems accurate enough, but personally, we have trouble believing that Kelis is worth more than Q-Tip.

    Judge for yourself and read the whole list here.

  • Learn About America from Each State’s Google History

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    This little map is quick way to see what other states Google.

    For New York? We got: Bail Money / Bed Bugs / Bill Maher (comedian) / Darwinism / Fur Coats / George Michael (singer) / Hangover Remedy / Marrying Cousin / Propecia / Sniffing Glue

    Check out Estately for the complete rundown on all 50 states.

  • Die Antwoord: ‘Pitbull Terrier’

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    Good, but still not as good as Baby's on Fire.

  • Amazing Street Hack Gives Unsuspecting Public Control Over LA

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    This one looks like it's going to be cheesy as hell but builds into an intriguing, multi-layered stunt on an impressive scale. No spoilers here so check it out for yourself before we ruin it for you.

    "An amazing smartphone app turns common people into powerful hackers and hidden cameras record their reaction as they unwillingly hack a street of Los Angeles. You won't believe what they do when the police show up!"

    You can experience the power of hacking a city - if only vicariously - when Watch Dogs is released on May 27, 2014.

  • Childhood Drawings, Now With Professional Coloring

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    To kill time on business trips, one man took to coloring his children's drawings. The results are making their way around the internet. Click here to see more.

  • David Abbott is dead. Long live David Abbott.

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    You may have heard the news already; legendary adman David Abbott passed away at the weekend, aged 75.

    David Abbott photographed by Julian HanfordDavid Abbott photographed by Julian Hanford

    I never worked with him or even met him, but my relationship with him was special to me. Quite simply, he was 'the man'. He was the guy I wanted to emulate. As a copywriter, a businessman and a gentleman, he set the benchmark - impossibly high. At college, his copy was the text we learned from. Intelligent prose that charmed and seduced, forming arguments you couldn't disagree with, building brands and a legacy with just these: words.

    His reel is better than just about any agency's in the world. He was a master of his craft and a giant in a cut-throat industry, yet you won't find anyone with a bad word to say about him.

    Anyone wishing to emulate his achievements may want to start here: "I write with an Artline 200 Fine 4.0 Pentel – blue ink, never black. I generally work on A3 layout pads but will sometimes switch to an A4. Definitely low tech stuff."

    I used to pass him on my way to work on the King's Road in Chelsea. This white-haired gent was a nobody as far as everyone else was concerned. But to me, he was a rockstar. A part of me wanted to stop him and tell him I was a writer too, though he was in a different universe to me. I never did work out what I'd have followed that up with. It would have been awkward for both of us - though no doubt he would have been charm personified.

    I didn't have posters of him up on my wall like I did Kevin Keegan, but I held him in the same heroic regard. His hit-rate was phenomenal. Did he ever write a duff ad in his life? I don't think he had it in him.

  • Falls Like Rain: The Music Video That Makes Us Dizzy

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    Falls like rain? No no. Wears a safety harness like rain. That would be much safer.

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